About Us

In an iconic SLO-Town bar early in 2017, two men sat discussing politics and world affairs. One was a winemaker-sommelier, the other a peripatetic beer geek. The conversation turned to the state of bars and restaurants in town and what would be the ideal place for exploring interesting food and beverage. The winemaker had recently started making cider employing a unique technique which involved crushing the entire fruit and allowing wild yeasts to participate in the natural fermentation process. And, unlike almost all cider makers, he wasn’t using apples exclusively, instead fermenting kiwis, white peaches, Asian pears, cherries and pluots. The result was a dry cider rich in complex tastes more similar to wine than traditional sweet apple cider. The beer lover had traveled all the continents of the world and sat at bars in 75 countries in search of the perfect brew. He wondered why in a town like SLO where craft beer is so popular one couldn’t find the great Belgian and German beers and many of the truly fine American creations.

The two men decided to merge their experience, knowledge, and passion to create a bar and restaurant where patrons could explore a greater variety of the food and drink our planet has to offer. The result was the Cider Bar, where in the ambiance of a French countryside café, one can choose from 30 ciders, 160 beers, and 100 wines, all complemented by a menu of small plates guaranteed to please the “foodie” in all of us.